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Neighborhood news

2d Artwork Tutorials

Blender Modeling

Dungeon Hack

Screen Shots

Softimage Modeling

Walker Maps

Neoaxis Resources

Free Stuff 

Made with Sawcutter, a freeware sound effect maker, get it here

sawcut4.mp3 (66K) looping up and down sine wave, mad scientist equipment sound.

decorative objects  (750k) Some weeds for Neoaxis, see here for what they look like.


Miscellaneous Game Stuff

filezilla tutorial 

-how to use filezilla ftp 444k -generates explosion bitmaps, freeware.

Car Repair

Car tip of the week, get some spray on starter fluid, 99 percent ether, and spray it down your non-running splitter or chainsaw carburetor throat, it might help. Update: you don't need to unscrew any brake lines, or

subsequently bleed the brakes if you're just changing pads, I misread both manuals.

Front Brake Pads

615k-Change the front brake pads on an '86 Toyota.

This link has better pictures, but it's not an 86 toy.


another good site with pix.

Web Design

Make a nice web page 

(615K) using CSS, mostly about making buttons, it's what I do...

nice web page code

-The paypal thing is an experiment, but if you donate 1 million $USD, I'll never have to work again! Like 37 13-year-olds using a free game engine are going to donate... What happens if you donate money to and from the same bank account?

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